Grease Traps in Ontario, CA

Grease Traps in Ontario, CA

Reliable Grease Trap Services in Your Area

Sweetwater Plumbing specializes in offering superior commercial plumbing services to restaurants throughout the area. If you own or manage a commercial kitchen, you’re already well aware of how much food waste it generates—and how much of that includes FOG (fats, oils, and grease), which requires an effective grease trap. Reasons to come to us include:

  • We offer 24-hour emergency service
  • We offer a full range of commercial plumbing solutions
  • We set our expectations high so our customers are completely satisfied

We install and service grease traps throughout the community, helping kitchens run smoothly as possible. Make sure your grease trap works sufficiently and stays in compliance by hiring our team for your grease trap services in Ontario, CA. Reach out today by calling (909) 312-4516.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

A grease trap consists of a box installed in the sewer line leading from your commercial sinks. As food waste infiltrates the grease trap FOG and any other buoyant materials float to the top of the trap. In the meantime, heavier solid waste sinks to the bottom, leaving only liquid waste to travel through the grease trap and continue on to the municipal sewer line.

Grease traps store solid and semi–solid waste until they are full, at which point they will need to be drained in order to keep functioning effectively. A grease trap is truly the best method to avoid serious issues that can occur with commercial sewer lines.

Do You Really Need a Grease Trap?

It may seem odd to you that FOG can create so much damage to your commercial plumbing system. After all, it’s in liquid form when it goes down your drain, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way. As fats, oils, and grease cool, they begin to harden into a viscous, semi–solid substance, which sticks to the walls of your pipes and the sewer line.

If enough FOG is allowed to build up within your plumbing, you could be stuck with a completely blocked and restricted sewer line. At that point, you’ll have to have the whole water line cleaned out before you can resume using the kitchen. This is of course a huge hassle for restaurants as it can cause a significant business interruption. FOG can also build up in municipal sewer lines, which negatively impacts more than just your commercial kitchen. This problem is so pertinent that in many cities, it’s actually legally required for commercial kitchens to use grease traps.

We Offer Comprehensive Grease Trap Services

In order to install a grease trap, your building’s sewer line must be accessed. This is certainly not something you want to do on your own, nor is it a job you’d want to trust to an amateur. In order to be installed in accordance with municipal regulations, it’s vital that you contact professionals with extensive experience in this area, including the knowledge of how to comply with building codes and more.

Simply having a grease trap installed is only the start of the process. It will need to be emptied about every few months to continue functioning as it should. Without regular cleaning, the grease trap itself can clog up and you’ll be stuck with the same problems you had before installation. At Sweetwater Plumbing, we are experts at keeping grease traps in great working order. Let us handle all of your grease trap needs if you are seeking grease trap services in Ontario, CA, or other commercial plumbing services such as leak detection. Give us a call at (909) 312-4516 today!


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võ xuyên
Sweetwater is an honest and excellent worker. Had a leak in my bathroom from the tub spout. He told me exactly what had to be done before The leak could be fixed. I took care of that and within 2 days he came back out and finished the job. Price was fair and he is very reliable.
Robert Williams
I have had only great interactions with this company. They are on time very professional and will find the most inexpensive way to repair your issue.
Annalisa Medina
Anthony helped me out with a home that I have in escrow and was great! He was on time, efficient, and was able to get the job done. This is always my go to company!
Salvador Morano
Friendly personality. Knowledgeable. Efficient and courteous worker.
Angela Albrecht
Had an issue where our kitchen sink was getting no cold water. Dakota came out quickly after our call and fixed our problem so fast! He found a screw in the shut off valve that had probably fallen in there during our remodel done 2 years ago. I was so happy Dakota solved our problem! He was great! Highly recommend.
jerrold brandon
This was the third time we've used them. And it was as good as the first time.
Angel Corrales
I had a problem with the sink water building up and not draining. After trying to unclog it I called Sweetwater Plumbing and they sent technician Victor out to assess the issue. I explained to Victor the issue and he knew what to do right away. After running the snake he cleared the stoppage and it drains just fine now.

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