Emergency Plumber in Rancho Cucomonga, CA

Emergency Plumber in Rancho Cucomonga, CA

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Do you know what the worst part of a plumbing emergency is? Well, it’s just that – that it’s an emergency. There’s no way to completely prepare yourself for this type of urgent need, whether it’s a backed-up toilet, flooded kitchen, or broken hot water heater disrupting either your home or business. That’s why we offer residents and businesses plumbing services that are prompt, reliable, and professional.

If you discover water gushing into your home, you need more than just a standard handyman. You need a certified plumber with years of expertise and the availability for 24-hour plumbing that you can trust. That is what you can expect when you contact the team at Sweetwater Plumbing, so if you find yourself in need of an emergency plumber in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, we invite you to call. We understand that each of our customers deserves prompt and efficient services for their plumbing needs. Reach out at (909) 312-4516.

We’re the Team to Call for Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Have you noticed cracks along your walls or ceiling that indicate the foundation of your property may have shifted? This puts you at a higher risk for a slab leak. If you’ve noticed this and also notice your water pressure suddenly drop and hear the sound of running water without any tabs on, beware: you have a problem. The good news is, our staff is highly trained and certified to not only detect leaks of this kind but also expertly repair them, and all at a comparatively low price.

Why Should You Invest in Professional Drain and Sewer Cleaning?

Thorough drain and sewer cleaning involves a lot more than you may realize. The last thing you want to do is try to pour store-bought liquid drain cleaner down your drain, as this can actually do more harm than good. Instead, our highly trained and certified professional plumbing contractors will use innovative technology to conduct hydro-jetting services. Hydro-jetting effectively clears out your clogged drain or clogged sewer line for minimal disruption for you.

Quality Water Heater Services

In this area, water heaters are an absolute necessity. But there is still the question of which one is right for your home or business Should you go with the standard tank model, or would a tankless water heater fit your property better? Would a heat pump water heater be efficient enough for you, or maybe you prefer to go solar? Whatever your concerns are, Sweetwater Plumbing is here to help, from the decision-making and installation to repairs and ongoing maintenance of the system. Give us a call today to learn more.

Water Leak Detection and Repair Throughout the Area

There are many homeowners and business owners throughout the area who don’t realize just how serious a water leak is. If it occurs over an extended period of time, it can rot out the area around the pipes in which it’s occurring. This causes increased damage that will cost more as the problem worsens. The average property owner rarely notices the leak itself, but usually a large moldy spot on a wall or floor that the leak is behind.

Gas Leaks are Nothing to Ignore

Do you detect the odor of rotten eggs in or around your property? This is a smell that your utility company has purposefully added to your gas line in order for you to detect it should you experience a leak. It is not a smell that should ever be ignored. A gas leak can have serious implications, from carbon monoxide poisoning to a fire or explosion.

Hydro-Jetting That Residents Count On

Whether you need your bathroom or kitchen sink drain cleaned out, or you suspect you have a clog in your shower drain, we are the team to call. Our hydro-jetting cleaning services are effective for any number of clogs throughout your plumbing system. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential property that we are serving or if it’s a commercial space. We have the expertise and certification to get the job done both efficiently and effectively.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone for Your Trenchless Technology

Repiping jobs and sewer line services were once very invasive procedures, causing a considerable amount of collateral damage and massive clean-up duties for both residential and commercial properties. The good news is, there is now a technology called trenchless pipe relining residents in this area are truly benefitting from. The process makes this service a lot easier-both for us and more importantly, for you. Using two small holes drilled at each end of the line, we can either do a partial replacement or pull up an entire pipe to replace it with a new one. Whether you are seeking an emergency plumber in Rancho Cucamonga, CA or other plumbing services, we invite you to call. Contact us today at (909) 312-4516 to learn more!


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võ xuyên
Sweetwater is an honest and excellent worker. Had a leak in my bathroom from the tub spout. He told me exactly what had to be done before The leak could be fixed. I took care of that and within 2 days he came back out and finished the job. Price was fair and he is very reliable.
Robert Williams
I have had only great interactions with this company. They are on time very professional and will find the most inexpensive way to repair your issue.
Annalisa Medina
Anthony helped me out with a home that I have in escrow and was great! He was on time, efficient, and was able to get the job done. This is always my go to company!
Salvador Morano
Friendly personality. Knowledgeable. Efficient and courteous worker.
Angela Albrecht
Had an issue where our kitchen sink was getting no cold water. Dakota came out quickly after our call and fixed our problem so fast! He found a screw in the shut off valve that had probably fallen in there during our remodel done 2 years ago. I was so happy Dakota solved our problem! He was great! Highly recommend.
jerrold brandon
This was the third time we've used them. And it was as good as the first time.
Angel Corrales
I had a problem with the sink water building up and not draining. After trying to unclog it I called Sweetwater Plumbing and they sent technician Victor out to assess the issue. I explained to Victor the issue and he knew what to do right away. After running the snake he cleared the stoppage and it drains just fine now.

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